Hello From Our Staff and Board Chair

staff chsir (1)
Ryan, Glenn, and Rob in front of a maple tree that Rob planted soon after he began working with the Baltimore County Forestry Service (Ahem, more than a few decades ago).

Today we saved this website. Oh, the drama! Let’s just say that three heads are better than one, and that we beat the deadline by one day to pay our yearly fee and for our domain name before our site would shut down. Whew! The heroes of this day are (R to L) Robert Prenger, Glenn Ferenschak, and Ryan Wetzel.

We are: 

Rob Prenger, Project Manager, Maryland DNR Forest Service and secretary of our Forestry Board.

Glenn Ferenschak, Chairman of the Baltimore County Forestry Board and retired science teacher.

Ryan Wetzel, the Natural Resources Technician for the Forest Service in Baltimore County.

Vic Sanborn, website developer, photographer, and retired adult education specialist.

After Thanksgiving, one of the many fall tasks remaining for the two-man crew of the Forest Service in Baltimore County (Rob and Ryan) is to blow the piles of leaves from the Cub Hill Ranger Station Grounds.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!