Wild Turkeys Proliferate All Over the U.S.

Image of turkey at the University of Minnesota
As turkeys take over campuses. Here seen “Credit: Jenn Ackerman for The New York Times”

Interestingly, we covered this topic for Maryland on Thanksgiving Day. One day later, The New York Times printed an article about wild turkeys taking over some college campuses in an article entitled “As Turkeys Take Over Campus, Some Colleges Are More Thankful Than Others

“College campuses are just ideal habitat,” said David Drake, a professor and extension wildlife specialist at the University of Wisconsin, where a sizable flock likes to hang out near apartments for graduate students. “You’ve got that intermixing of forested patches with open grassy areas and things like that. Nobody’s hunting,” (Mitch Smith, Nov 25, 2021).

Note: Unless you subscribe to the NYT, you will not be able to read the article. Turkeys are found on campuses throughout our country: at Harvard, Sacramento State, Fairfield University (Connecticut), Lane University (Oregon), Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

“They’re really good at avoiding danger,” said Bob Long, upland game bird & turkey project manager for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. “Their hearing is tremendous. Their eyesight is just unbelievable…They’re paranoid about every single thing.” – The Greatest Wildlife Comeback You’ve Never Seen, Chesapeake Bay Program, by Jake Solyst, November 24, 2020