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The Baltimore County Forestry Board’s Free Zoom Presentation With Steve McDaniel, Master Bee Keeper, is Now Available at this YouTube Video Link!

Bees and Trees introductory slide

This important discussion on Bees and Trees with Master Bee Keeper, Steve McDaniel, was held on March 19th.. His topic centered on the symbiotic nature of bees and trees and the importance of judicious insecticide use near trees to avoid the accidental killing of bees. NOTE: For some the video starts at 1:57 min. or earlier. Please place your cursor to the beginning to start with the introduction with Glenn Ferenschak, our Board Chairman.

Bees and trees contact with steve mcdaniel at 443-507-6367

About Steve McDaniel: A Master Beekeeper, Steve is a professional nature photographer, past President of the Maryland State Beekeepers Association and two local bee associations, and a member of the Carroll County Forestry Board. His degree in chemistry is from Harvard. Find his website and more information about him online at the McDaniel Honey Farm.

Visit the McDaniel Honey Farm online at this link.

NOTE: We Are Offering Registration REFUNDS for Workshop Fees Collected in 2020 or 2021:

You can request to have your registration fees returned or may choose to donate the funds to help us sponsor two high school students wishing to attend a weeklong summer camp. There they will learn about the variety of careers available in Natural Resources. Let us know of your decision by contacting Glenn Ferenschak, president of the Baltimore County Forestry Board, at     A home address is also required for those who want refunds.

Phenology Events with Clare Walker, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener:

The program is called Phenology: Nature’s Clock

Hike Planned on Phenology,  MARCH 26 @ 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM. $10 fee.
We will hike to look at budburst on trees and first spring wildflowers while discussing the ways that climate change is impacting the timing of these events. Trees and herbaceous plants that are able to change their timing to keep up with advancing spring (eg Tupelo sylvatica) are increasing in abundance while those with a less flexible phenology will decline. Trees leafing out earlier also has a significant impact on woodland spring wildflowers which have a shorter window to photosynthesize before the canopy closes. This is the link to the Irvine Nature Center and the event.

TBA: Free Zoom Workshop, sponsored by the Baltimore County Forestry Board

Future Plans:

The Forestry Board will be rescheduling onsite workshops at Oregon Ridge Lodge next year. 

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic: Each year in March, the Baltimore County Forestry Board invited environmental professionals and experts for a day of presentations and interactive lessons at Oregon Ridge Lodge, with opportunities for discussions and/or visiting environmental displays. A modest fee pays for hourly workshops by experts, lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and a folder with useful reference materials, and door prizes.

Fall image of the Road to Oregon Ridge Park, which incorporates the Oregon Ridge Nature Center and Oregon Ridge Lodge. Image by Vic Sanborn.
The Road to Oregon Ridge Park, which incorporates the Oregon Ridge Nature Center and Oregon Ridge Lodge. Image by Vic Sanborn.

Continuing Education Credits: Better yet, the workshops fulfill the criteria for the continuing education credits for arboriculture studies, licensed tree experts, American foresters, and Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists.

All proceeds from this event are used to sponsor two teens to the Natural Resources Career Camp (NRCC) each year in July and conservation and education programs, including tree plantings.

Contact: For information about our yearly workshops, or to volunteer with our organization or donate funds to the Career Camp, please contact Glenn Ferenschak at