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Maryland is rich in topography: forests, mountains (such as Spook Hill), lakes, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, marshes, and more. On this page you’ll find information about our state’s (and Baltimore County’s) resources regarding our forests and how we care for our environment.

Image of Chesapeake Bay Wetlands. Dundee Creek, by Timothy Pohlaus, Creative Commons, with attribution
Chesapeake Bay Wetlands. Dundee Creek, by Timothy Pohlaus, Flickr, Creative Commons, with attribution

Baltimore Region/Baltimore County

Loch Raven Flyover: 6:09 minutes


Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Canada Goose Goslings Leave a High Nest


9 minute video: How to Grow a Forest in Your Backyard: Shubhendu Sharma, TED Talks. Forests don’t have to be far-flung nature reserves, isolated from human life. Instead, we can grow them right where we are — even in cities. Eco-entrepreneur and TED Fellow Shubhendu Sharma grows ultra-dense, biodiverse mini-forests of native species in urban areas by engineering soil, microbes and biomass to kickstart natural growth processes. Follow along as he describes how to grow a 100-year-old forest in just 10 years, and learn how you can get in on this tiny jungle party.

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