Carroll County’s Big Tree Program recently featured its county’s Big Tree Program. Click on their site to read this highly interesting article.  Carroll’s Big Tree Program 16 DAYS AGO  |  Carroll Magazine Synopsis by Muck Rack. Written by Amanda Milewski, photography by Nikola Tzenov. Recognizing Some Of The County’s Shadiest Specimens. In a county known for its farmland and … Continue reading Carroll County’s Big Tree Program

Splooting During a Heat Wave

Bears sploot. Dogs sploot. Cats sploot. Squirrels sploot. No, these animals are not sick. But what is splooting? According to, the word means VERB (intransitive) 1. (of an animal) to lie flat on the stomach with the hind legs stretched out behind the body NOUN 2. the act or an instance of splooting Collins … Continue reading Splooting During a Heat Wave

Chincoteague Ponies & Assateague Horses in the News

These articles were published in the last two months. All deal with the Assateague horses and Chincoteague ponies in VA and MD.  A centuries-old horse tooth might be the last piece in the genetic puzzle of Assateague's horses, by Zoe Sottile, CNN, August 7, 2022 "The famous wild Chincoteague ponies have lived for centuries on … Continue reading Chincoteague Ponies & Assateague Horses in the News

Sorting Chestnut Tree Seedlings at Cub Hill Ranger Station

These are additional images of our board members sorting chestnut tree seedlings. All were distributed the following weekend. Find the full information about sorting at these links: American Chestnut Seedling Giveaway (2022), American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway on Earth Day, and Sorting chestnut tree seedlings, 2021. (Click on title of post to view the images.)

Deep Sea Octopuses Find Ways to Use Human Trash for Shelter

Creative ways octopuses are using garbage in oceans is an interesting article in Huffington Post about how intelligent cephalopods use trash and litter for shelters because sea shells are gone. The Smithsonian Magazine also discusses this topic. My Octopus Teacher, the fascinating 2020 Netflix film, teaches us about the intelligence of our intriguing friends in … Continue reading Deep Sea Octopuses Find Ways to Use Human Trash for Shelter