Silence of the Cicadas (Brood X, 2021)

Yesterday I found another dead Brood X cicada on our front porch. It has been 12 days since I saw the last one. In recent weeks, the sudden stop of the loud buzzing created by billions of cicadas in 15 Eastern states saddened me. Baltimore County residents who were upset by the din, (which often … Continue reading Silence of the Cicadas (Brood X, 2021)

Deer Resistant Trees & Shrubs

This article from the Arbor Day Foundation discusses Deer Resistant Trees and Shrubs, rating them from rarely damages to frequently severely damaged. Some of the shrubs mentioned in this article are also included in 7 Plants Native to Maryland featured in Homestead Gardens. These plants attract our favorite pollinators as well. Arrowwood Viburnum, Creative commons … Continue reading Deer Resistant Trees & Shrubs