The Web of Life: Summary of our March 18th Workshop

It's been four weeks since BCFB held its 2023 annual day-long workshop day. This was our first in-person gathering since 2019. After four long years we attracted .a sterling lineup whose presentations felt like a celebration as well as the delivery of educational content.  At the start of the day, Chairman Glenn Ferenschak took these … Continue reading The Web of Life: Summary of our March 18th Workshop

Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!

Once again the Baltimore County Forestry Board will distribute free Backyard Buffer Tree Packets. This year's packets include the following species: American Plum, Black Haw, Pin Oak, Willow Oak, and Red Maple. NOTE: ALL TREE BUNDLES HAVE BEEN RESERVED! THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Number of seedling packets include 25 seedlings per packet. Please select … Continue reading Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!

Sorting Chestnuts Seedlings for Distribution

On April 20th, 2021, the BCFB gathered to sort and bag four varieties of chestnut seedlings for distribution across the state. Click on this link to our American Chestnuts page to learn more about our mission. These images demonstrate the Board's work to join with the American Chestnut Foundation in reinvigorating this magnificent tree species. … Continue reading Sorting Chestnuts Seedlings for Distribution

Our New Site

Welcome to our new Baltimore County Forestry Board site (January, 2021), which is designed to be interactive with our readers and subscribers (Our archived site link will still remain active). We will post new blog information on our home page when we publish updated news, including polls. (Stay tuned to view updated links and information … Continue reading Our New Site