American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway

DNR and Baltimore County Forestry Board gave away free trees on Earth Day 2022. The Forestry Board gave away 362 American Chestnut seedlings which were spread across the state of Maryland as an on- going distribution of American Chestnuts with the cooperation of the Am. Chestnut Society in bundles of 50. Over the last 10 … Continue reading American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway

Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!

Once again the Baltimore County Forestry Board will distribute free Backyard Buffer Tree Packets. This year's packets include the following species: American Plum, Black Haw, Pin Oak, Willow Oak, and Red Maple. NOTE: ALL TREE BUNDLES HAVE BEEN RESERVED! THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Number of seedling packets include 25 seedlings per packet. Please select … Continue reading Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!