Love Trees? You’ll like these books!

Linda Barker, our Big Tree Coordinator, suggests the following books for those who want to know more about our native trees. Identifying Trees of the East: Michael D. Williams This field-tested guide for identifying trees in any season, not just when they are in full leaf, features color photos and line drawings showing bark, branching … Continue reading Love Trees? You’ll like these books!

Carroll County’s Big Tree Program recently featured its county’s Big Tree Program. Click on their site to read this highly interesting article.  Carroll’s Big Tree Program 16 DAYS AGO  |  Carroll Magazine Synopsis by Muck Rack. Written by Amanda Milewski, photography by Nikola Tzenov. Recognizing Some Of The County’s Shadiest Specimens. In a county known for its farmland and … Continue reading Carroll County’s Big Tree Program

Upcoming Woodland Stewardship Opportunities!

The University of Maryland Extension's Woodland Stewardship Education program offers and shares a variety of webinars, workshops, publications and educational programs for woodland owners, natural resource professionals, and interested citizens across Maryland. Please consider participating in one of these offerings. There are four events listed: 1) April's Woodland & Wildlife Webinar: Deer Report 2022 April … Continue reading Upcoming Woodland Stewardship Opportunities!

Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!

Once again the Baltimore County Forestry Board will distribute free Backyard Buffer Tree Packets. This year's packets include the following species: American Plum, Black Haw, Pin Oak, Willow Oak, and Red Maple. NOTE: ALL TREE BUNDLES HAVE BEEN RESERVED! THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE. Number of seedling packets include 25 seedlings per packet. Please select … Continue reading Our Annual Backyard Buffer Tree Bundle Giveaway!