Sorting Chestnut Tree Seedlings at Cub Hill Ranger Station

These are additional images of our board members sorting chestnut tree seedlings. All were distributed the following weekend. Find the full information about sorting at these links: American Chestnut Seedling Giveaway (2022), American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway on Earth Day, and Sorting chestnut tree seedlings, 2021. (Click on title of post to view the images.)

White Oak Initiative Workshop, May 26, 2022

A free 4 hour workshop will be held on Thursday, May 26 at the Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park. (See image below.) The White Oak Initiative is a diverse coalition of partners committed to the long-term sustainability of America's white oak forests as well as the economic, social and environmental benefits they provide. Find out more … Continue reading White Oak Initiative Workshop, May 26, 2022

American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway

DNR and Baltimore County Forestry Board gave away free trees on Earth Day 2022. The Forestry Board gave away 362 American Chestnut seedlings which were spread across the state of Maryland as an on- going distribution of American Chestnuts with the cooperation of the Am. Chestnut Society in bundles of 50. Over the last 10 … Continue reading American Chestnut Seedlings Giveaway

Upcoming Woodland Stewardship Opportunities!

The University of Maryland Extension's Woodland Stewardship Education program offers and shares a variety of webinars, workshops, publications and educational programs for woodland owners, natural resource professionals, and interested citizens across Maryland. Please consider participating in one of these offerings. There are four events listed: 1) April's Woodland & Wildlife Webinar: Deer Report 2022 April … Continue reading Upcoming Woodland Stewardship Opportunities!