Backyard Buffer Seedling Packet Giveaway

The staff and volunteers of the Maryland Forest Service and the Baltimore County Forestry Board will distribute free Backyard Buffer Tree Packets. This year’s packets include the following species: Willow Oak, Swamp White Oak, Persimmon, Common Ninebark, and Possumhaw.

Each packets includes 25 seedling. Please select one packet in this form. Planting instructions are included in the download.

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The dates of seedling handouts at our Cub Hill Ranger Station location will be sent to accepted applicants. discussed the eligibility for those who would like to receive the young trees

  • Maryland landowners who have a drainage ditch, stream, creek, or river flowing through their property or live adjacent to such a waterway.
  • The program is for smaller landowners who are not eligible for agricultural cost-share programs.
  • Our funding is limited and the program is not available in all counties.

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  • Backyard Buffers packet reservations are typically taken during the month of March, with bags available for pickup at a designated local site in time for the spring planting season. A limited number of bags are available each year on a first-come, first-served basis, so please call ahead.

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Note: To ensure funding for these free trees to continue for future years we ask all accepted applicants to complete a fall self reporting survival count. Maryland Forest Service will provide all applicants with a link to self report seedling survival in early fall.