Is There Hope To Stop Them? Spotted Lanternflies Might Have Met Their Match

Spotted Lanternfly, Wikimedia Commons.

This article from The Rocket on October 7, 2022, stated:

Scientists have identified the fungi Batkoa major that killed 97% of spotted lanternflies on tree trunks when reproduced in a lab setting.

They also identified a second fungi, Beauveria bassiana, that killed 51% of the flies while on the ground. Batkoa major killed the rest on the ground.

“[This is] a great example of how a major new invasive herbivore can be suppressed by native pathogens,” Eric Clifton, a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell, said in a previous article. “Nobody stepped in to do this; it all happened naturally.”

Historically, praying mantis and birds have been their predators, but they have not eliminated them to slow their spread. Read this article (link at top of the page) about this invasive species’ destruction on

more than 70 species of fruit and hardwood trees, vines and crops by sucking the nutrients out of their sap. They also excrete a sugary substance called honeydew that promotes black mold growth”

Read also our previous article in September, 2022 about spotted lanternflies at this link, which helps you to identify them.