Spotted Lanternflies Laying Egg Masses: How You Can Help

An article by Deb Belt, posted on  Maryland Regional Patch, discussed the egg masses laid by spotted lanternflies in Maryland. They are laid from September through December, and will not hatch until spring. This lag time provides us with an opportunity to report any egg masses to agencies that are designed to destroy them.

“The egg masses are about 1 inch in size and contain 30-50 eggs. Eighty to 90 percent of egg masses on trees are found 10 feet above the ground or higher, officials say.” – Maryland Regional Patch

While the adult spotted lanternfly doesn’t survive the winter, the egg masses do before hatching in the spring!!

spotted lanternfly stages
Stages of the spotted lanternfly, including egg mass, early nymph (spring), late nymph (summer), adult (egg layers).

This link to a report to the Maryland Department of Agriculture is easy to fill out and send. Be aware that a photo of the egg mass should be attached to your report. Baltimore County at this time is extremely susceptible to lanternfly investation and spread.

To report a sighting of a spotted lanternfly or any egg masses, contact the Maryland Department of Agriculture at (410) 841-5920 or