Lake Roland

My friend and I walk along Lake Roland off Falls Road, around four times per year. It’s always a wonderful experience. We are dog lovers, and our encounters with well-behaved pooches are special. Lake Roland Nature Council has an active schedule of activities for the community. Once upon a time, the city had the rights to the park grounds, which they ceded to Baltimore County. Since then, the new ownership has spruced up activities and facilities.

Lake Roland Dam; outflow is the Jones Falls. Wikipedia Commons.

Within the park environs are: trails for walking on paved paths or wooded paths (click on this link), a dog park, a children’s play ground with a solitary bee hotel, a light rail station, plenty of parking, and benches for resting. We walked the lake on a beautiful 60 degree day. We noticed a wonderful story with beautiful watercolors about an owl in winter that children, teachers, and parents could follow along a path.

We recommend a Lake Roland visit for anyone near this wonderful park.

Calendar of Events for 2021: Click here

  • December, 19, Snow Story Time, @ 9:00 am, Lake Roland Nature Center
  • December 27, School is Out Day @ 9:00 am, Lake Roland Nature Center

More Information: Lake Roland Historic District