Peter Sheggrud: Natural Resources Career Camp 2021 Student, Baltimore County Forestry Board

peter sheggrud
Peter Sheggrud, Baltimore County Forestry Board’s student, who attended the Natural Resources Career Camp in 2021

Earlier in October, Peter Sheggrud, who represented Baltimore County Forestry Board at the NRCC this year, attended our Board meeting to discuss his experiences during the week. They were quite positive. Of course, COVID-19 affected some of the traditional ways that the NRCC has been held in the past. Mrs. Sheggrud regretted that parents could not attend some of the workshops  due to COVID restrictions, but she understood the need.

Peter’s interests for now are to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services after college. He and his parents are exploring colleges and universities that can best help him reach his goals. His experiences at the camp were positive and exciting. When prompted by board members, his suggestions for camp experience improvement for students made sense and were well thought out. The Board not only enjoyed the discussion, we had a sense of pride for this young man and wish him great success.

View the 2021 brochure, a PDF document, at this link.